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Jubilee by Stephen K. Stanford


Jubilee is an artificial world existing within its own parallel universe .08 seconds removed from our own. Built from random space junk, free from government control and ruled by the eccentric AI, Douglas, it is said to be a seething cesspool of drugs, prostitution and all-around nastiness of every kind imaginable, and unimaginable.

At least, that’s what people say.

Special Agents Col Perolo and Danee Hasum are sent to Jubilee from their home planet Brouggh to recover the body of a leading figure in the Movement for Morality – the radical, retrogressive group sweeping our galaxy. But delayed, and forced to stay over, and with the mission rapidly turning pear-shaped, straight arrow Col discovers the reality of Jubilee is much more complicated than he imagined.

Col and Danee are shocked to find the corpse they’re retrieving has been switched and are nearly murdered by a brain burrowing nano-bot. In a moment of atypical abandon, perhaps due to the lurid ambiance of Jubilee, Col starts a torrid affair with his partner – and receives shocking news from home. His estranged wife Sana, a leading politician opposed to the Movement, has been abducted.

Douglas steps in to help. Through his network of AI buddies, he learns that Sana is being held captive by Gilham, the darkly charismatic founder of the Movement. As punishment for her biting opposition, the sharp-tongued and fiercely independent political leader is being forced to work as his humble domestic servant.


There’s only one thing for it: a planet-hopping quest to save Sana. To the outer-rim medieval matriarchy of Grendeva, and onward to the desert planet Rethne, sinister home of the Movement; Col will be aided by Douglas and all the surprising resources of Jubilee, while accompanied by the woman he can’t seem to let go of – Danee.

Why is Col’s own Department apparently trying to kill him?

Who is behind the ever-growing power of the Movement?

How will Sana be extracted from the heart of the enemy? – And anyway, supposing this mission does succeed (a 2% chance according to Douglas), what the hell will Col do about having both of these powerful and sassy women in his life at the same time?

Only by reading on will you know!

Jubilee is a witty and fast-paced intergalactic romp, that will thrill your mind and warm your heart. It will be released in February 2024 through Flame Tree Press with worldwide distribution by Simon & Schuster.